100% Pure Wool, American Made

Signature Wool

Committed to sound animal husbandry and sustainable agricultural practices, Lauren Williams® ART + HOME has partnered with small, eco-friendly ranch operations in Wyoming, to bring a yarn unlike any other to her studio.

Working directly with a local mill to customize a yarn that could withstand the weight of the dye without fraying or thinning during her process, Lauren was able to perfect the materials used in her one-of-a-kind Canvas With Movement fiber art. From decisions related to the scouring, carding, pindrafting, combing and ply, the result is a yarn that provides for the deepest saturation, impeccable texture and highest quality.

The sheep are handled with care and raised the way we believe nature intended: on lush pastures, with plenty of clear, clean water. The rancher’s dedication to the land and the lambs they produce, guarantees that the fiber is among the purest in the world. Your fiber art purchase supports animal friendly practices, eco-friendly operations and the artist community. Thank you.

Gray Wool

The Wool for our Gray Collection is created by blending wool from black sheep with the natural white fibers in Lauren’s handcrafted signature style. These custom gray hues cannot be achieved using dye. Lauren has experimented with a family-run mill to incorporate different percentages of black to white blended fleece in order to create these highly unique tones of gray. Historically, black sheep have been removed from flocks because they were considered to be a contaminant for the white wool. Only 1 in 100 sheep are black. Lauren works with a farm dedicated to revitalizing this process and cultivating rare black sheep to reintroduce them to the world of wool. This has set the tone for a more modern and handsome look for her newest series of tapestries.