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Parachute x Lauren Williams Art Collaboration!

After a year of sketching ideas, redesigning concepts and discussing the vision, it’s finally time to share all the details of this collaborative project! I am so proud to have partnered with Parachute ( to create a tapestry inspired quilt design. I’ve always been a big fan of Parachute and appreciate their attention to high quality modern bedding. It was a dream to design a home product that allowed my art to come off the wall and onto to comfortable and luxurious linen bedding. Below is a Q&A about our new Geometric Quilt and I’m so excited to share it with you! xxo, Lauren

How would you describe your work?

I like to think of my tapestries as a canvas but with movement. I suspend hundreds of individual wool strands and use dyes and paints to create different designs. From the way the fibers hang to the amount of dye each strand decides to absorb, my art has a mind of its own. I always start with a vision, but as I work, the direction changes based on the fiber’s reaction to the paints and dyes. Each piece is different no matter how much I would like to replicate a previous tapestry. I would describe my work as a bold statement piece, but with an organic and peaceful approach.


What is modern bohemian?

Modern Bohemian is artistic and free spirited with a contemporary feel that can be seen in my Canvas With Movement fiber art. I love the texture and organic composition of fiber art but wanted to bring a modern aspect into the picture. By incorporating a linear piece of walnut wood to create a wool canvas, I can use paint and dye to add bold and unique designs, to my non-traditional form of fiber art.

What makes the Parachute x Lauren Williams quilts unique? How are they different?

This was my first foray into bedding, and specifically quilts. I knew I wanted to use my fiber art as inspiration and create something really dynamic and unique. I created two color schemes with the design—Dusk and Dawn—to represent the duality of light and darkness; beginning your day and ending your day in bed. The quilts can go up on the wall and totally transform a space, but then you can take it down and throw it on the bed and interact with it on a daily basis—it’s truly artwork for your bed.

How did the Parachute x Lauren Williams collaboration come together? How did you approach the design process?

I have loved creating pieces for walls around the world, but my favorite part of creating is seeing the immediate desire from people to touch and feel the art. This inspired the vision of transcending the art into a more tangible product, off the wall. The texture of linen was the first thing I was drawn to when looking to explore my tapestry designs on a quilt. Parachute uses such beautiful linen in their products and so a collaboration to create a form of art that people could wrap themselves up in, was a natural fit.

I pulled some of my most favorite tapestry designs and sketched them into a quilt design. The fluidity of my designs needed to be adjusted to form the quilt. Taking my three-dimensional art on to a 2-dimensional paper design, and then to a linen quilt was a challenge but it is really cool that Parachute had the vision to see my fiber art designs utilized in a bedding product. Various designs were presented in the discussions with Parachute, but we landed on a piece that had sharp angles in the dye design and I loved how it came together in our modern, geometric quilt.

Where do you source your inspiration?

I love blank walls and when I see them I immediately begin to envision what the perfect piece of art would look like to complement the space. I use blank walls to inspire ideas for new work. Nature is also a huge inspiration for color combinations. I love playing with color and choosing color combinations that are unexpected but still natural.


Tell us about your relationship with your art?

My form of art demands cooperation. Although I start with a vision, the fibers have a mind of their own. I can fight it, or I can cooperate. The more freedom I give each tapestry to come alive, the more beautiful the result is. I love the process of letting go and watching something beautiful develop in my hands.

How did you end up running your own successful full-time business?

I worked in a few different verticals and found a passion for art and design once I had a family and wanted our home to be an inspiring and comfortable place for us to enjoy. My transition occurred once people started buying my artwork quicker than I could create it. I made my first piece as a solution to a big blank wall in our Dallas rental house. I posted a photo of my “weekend project” to Instagram and people were immediately drawn to it and wanted to know more. I accepted requests to make pieces for some friends, and soon the requests were coming from people I didn’t know. I continued to be a “weekend artist” for a couple years and eventually made the full time switch after having our third son. I wanted to be home with my family and create art. I have been making my tapestries, painting and designing pillows and throw blankets out of my garage studio for almost 5 years

You began your career in LA and are now in Dallas. How do the two places influence your work?

The creativity and inspiration I feel from the west coast is powerful. The sunshine, colors of the water, sky and foliage in LA feeds my soul. Our trips to visit family and friends in Malibu are like a dose of “creative vitamins” for me. Dallas has provided me the opportunity to work from home and be with my family while creating art. Both cities hold dear places in my heart.

What advice can you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Don’t quit your day job. Yet.

It takes time to work through creative concepts and passionate ideas. As soon as you turn it into a “job” and base your income on it, you walk the line of suffocating the creativity and passion. You have to be true to yourself and your art. Don’t make what other people want you to make. Make what you need to create. People respond to passion, authenticity and originality. Don’t lose that.

Click here to check out ‘Dusk’ and ‘Dawn’ quilts in the shop. I hope you love them as much as I loved creating them!

All photos by the talented Carley Summers. @carlaypage

Client Spotlight: Q&A with Audrey Scheck

Audrey is a native Texan living in Los Angeles with her husband Matt, their 2 year old son, Huxley, and their dog, Shadow. They're expecting a little girl in September, which everyone is really excited about! Audrey studied advertising at the University of Texas in Austin and worked in the ad industry for 10 years before leaving to spend more time at home earlier this year. She has always been passionate about home decor and has been selling vintage decor online for several years. Audrey is currently helping a few friends design their homes here in L.A., which she has found to be rewarding and fun!

I got the chance to chat with Audrey and wanted to feature her beautiful home for my Client Spotlight series.

Where do you live? Tell us about your city! 
I was born and raised in a very small farming town in south Texas before moving to Austin for college. Once I graduated, I was yearning for an even bigger city. I moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago, and I still really love it here. Looking back, I am so glad that I had the guts to pick up and move across the country on my own at age 23. I have developed a deep appreciation for everything that a big city has to offer, and although I loved growing-up in a small town, I am excited to raise my children in a sprawling city!

How would you describe your style & aesthetic?
My style is always changing which makes interiors so much fun for me! I love to discover a new artist or vendor that I can support by incorporating their work into my home. Three years ago, we purchased a Spanish style home that was built in 1925. Since then, my style has mostly been focused on honoring the heritage of the home. If I had to pick one style, my favorite would definitely be bohemian. I have incorporated bits of boho design into spaces throughout our house, and I am having a lot of fun doing the same with the nursery for our daughter!

How did you first discover Lauren’s art?
I discovered Lauren on Instagram, and I think I had an email out to her within the hour. I had been craving something different above our sofa in the living room, and I knew immediately that I wanted one of her tapestries to fill the space. 

How did you utilize them in your space?
The tapestry is the focal point of our living room. It hangs above our sofa and is the first thing you see when you walk into our home. I love that it's different and that it moves! It brings so much life to our space, and it is the most complimented piece in our home. 

What surprised you about your new art piece?
When I first commissioned Lauren to create the tapestry for us, we agreed on a 36" circle. We worked together o finalize the dye colors, and I was so excited to finally get it on our wall. As soon as I hung it, I sent Lauren a picture. She replied saying, "I love it... I just wish it was bigger!" I agreed, and she quickly sent me a 45" circle to replace it. The 45" tapestry is huge and fills the space in a way that makes the room feel even larger than it is. 

Any future home projects you have in mind?
I am currently finalizing a nursery for our daughter, which has been a really fun project for me. I grew-up with three brothers and thought for sure that our second child would be another boy. I knew exactly what I was going to do with his nursery, and I was thrown for a loop when the doctor called to tell us that it's a girl. For her nursery, I've stuck to one rule: I am only filling it with things that I love. There's no color pallet, no specific style... just things that bring me joy!

Make sure and follow Audrey and her adventures on her instagram @audreyscheck

Client Spotlight: Q&A with Carly Kuhn

Carly Kuhn aka The Cartorialist is an amazingly talented artist from Los Angeles who recently purchased the "Shades of Blue" Tapestry (size medium 72" across and hangs approximately 28" long). Carly and I met on Instagram a couple years ago and got together last summer while I was in LA for work. We hung out at her apartment and chatted all things art, Instagram business and life. When she redecorated her bedroom a few months ago, she called me about a tapestry and we both knew she needed the "Shades of Blue" piece hanging in her home. I hope to have one of her beautiful pieces hanging in my own home very soon! She is a gem and I truly enjoy her art and design aesthetic.   


Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an artist, born and raised New Yorker - and my past life I worked in television comedy! 

Where's home for you?
I live in an apartment in Larchmont, Los Angeles. The neighborhood is a little gem in Los Angeles that feels almost like a suburb on the east coast (which I love as I grew up in New York!)

How would you describe your style/aesthetic? 
My style is very airy, open, with lots of natural light and a neutral color palette. The space is a blend of Californian, with hints of mid-century modern and Scandinavian. 

What drew you to the "Shades of Blue" Tapestry?
I tend to have a lot of neutrals in my space- whites, beige, wood - but wanted to bring in color. The blues of the piece brought that color to my bedroom in an organic way. Also, blues are very calming to my eye and that felt very fitting for the bedroom!

How did you utilize it in your room?
The piece sits above my bed frame perfectly. The wooden base also matches the frame of my platform bed perfectly. Also, I live in California- and was always told not to have a framed picture above your bed in case of earthquakes! Lauren's piece allowed me to have something beautiful and functional - aka won't knock me out in my sleep if it falls in the middle of the night unexpectedly! :) 

Were you happy with how it turned out? 

Carly, thank you so much for sharing with us! I'm so happy that you have included my art in your beautiful home!  xx, L

Follow Carly on Instagram: @thecartorialist

Client Spotlight: Cheyenne & Holden's Nursery Project

I absolutely love to meet and hear about my client's and how they utilize my work in their homes. Cheyenne recently purchased the "Zen" tapestry (size small, 36" across, hangs 48" long) to compliment their nursery project and I thought it would be fun to have a little spotlight Q&A with her and her husband. They just welcomed their son Hendrix and invited a friend of mine, photographer Adrian Faubel for a newborn photoshoot.  Check it all out below!

Cheyenne, thanks so much for sharing with me and my readers! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family! 

We've been together for five years, married just over two and just welcomed a baby boy into our lives. Each epic moment in our relationship was marked with a different destination — started dating in Austin, got engaged in Montauk, married in San Miguel de Allende, pregnant in either Tahoe or Santa Fe (who really knows?) Travel is a big part of who we are and what we want to foster in our family. Adventure makes you get outside yourself and learn something new. 

Where's home for you?

Dallas has always been home to Holden and became home to me in 2006. We live in the heart of the city off Henderson and Lower Greenville. We love the energy and walk-ability of our neighborhood, we also love the eclectic crowd that it attracts. We hope to always be in an urban city as we're anything but home bodies. 

How would you describe your aesthetic? 

Modern, but comfortable. We love minimalism, clean lines, bright whites with touches of mid-century modern and southwestern chic. Our home is full of neutral furniture so that the art and textiles can bring life into our space.

What drew you to choose the Zen tapestry design? 

I loved the versatility of it. It's clean with a bold visual that worked well with our black and white Moroccan nursery theme. Then once our son outgrows it we can hang it anywhere within our home and it would vibe with our style.

I love that! How did you utilize it in the nursery? 

 It's the focal point of our nursery hanging just above our crib.

Were you happy with how it turned out? 

Elated! It makes for the perfect statement piece. We wanted his room to be zen and less "nursery-like", so having this wall hanging helped give it some maturity. 

I'm so excited to hear that! Are there any other home projects in your future?

We have several! Next up is a big outdoor project, but then we want to focus on having a big open indoor space for entertaining large parties. We want people to feel relaxed when they come over - so lots of natural light, comfortable seating, greenery and thought-provoking art. 

What a gorgeous family and sweet nursery- Thank you so much to Cheyenne and Holden for sharing these beautiful images with us!

Check out even more adorable photos from this shoot by Adrian Faubel ( below: 


'Throw'llaboration! Q&A with Molly Fitzpatrick of DittoHouse

In my recent cotton knit collaboration Molly Fitzpatrick, creative director of DittoHouse and I  saw this as a fun opportunity to blend our seemingly different styles into one. The result is a design that I think captures the richness of my tapestries and achieves visual depth and interest as an expertly knit, American made DittoHouse throw blanket that i'm so excited to share with you for a limited time on the shop!

I had such a fun time working with Molly on this project and was excited to host a little Q&A with her about the collab! 


So how was this idea born?
Lauren approached me after finding me on Instagram. She proposed collaborating on a throw blanket design and I was eager to learn more about her and her business. After chatting on the phone we decided it would be really interesting to find a middle ground between our art styles.

What did you first fall in love with about Lauren's work?
I love that Lauren's work is organic and not only has actual movement in the fibers, but also visual movement in the intensity of dyes.

How did both of your unique styles/expertise fit together on this project? 
Lauren's unique dyed fibers have a distinct look and feel, I enjoyed the challenge of capturing the loose style of her work with the rigid and geometric nature of knit textile; I  was excited to capture Lauren's larger than life tapestries in an approachable, everyday textile. 

How do you describe your own design aesthetic?
Modern, bold and engaging.

Both you and Lauren have beautiful homes filled with wonderful families-- how does your idea of 'home' fit into the motivation behind your art/products?
I love the idea of filling my noisy, busy home that my husband and I share with our 2 small children with textiles, art and inspiring spots to think and play. I am inspired to create textiles that are not only works of art but functional pieces to warm our home and the homes of my customers.

Textiles are such a unique medium with the added sense of touch involved. What role does material choice play in each of your creative processes? 
Material is very important to me. My choice to use a recycled fiber is intentional, knowing that responsibility in textile manufacturing is incredibly important to the future of our earth. I am able to create lasting, timeless products freely knowing that small batch production with sustainable fibers can be enjoyed for generations.

What's one of your favorite things about this new knit throw?
I love that this throw can transition from modern to eclectic to traditional depending on how it is styled.

I hope you love the new piece as much as we did! They'll only be available for a limited amount of time so be sure and grab yours below!