Large Tapestry "Cast Iron" Gray Collection

Large Tapestry "Cast Iron" Gray Collection


The Canvas With Movement® GRAY Collection, by artist Lauren Williams, is a new series of one-of-a-kind, fiber art created using Lauren’s signature line of 100% wool strands. Carefully spun with rare black wool in a perfected proportion, these naturally created gray fibers are suspended from walnut wood to create a canvas, but with movement. Utilizing a palette of light and dark gray throughout the collection, this series entertains a crowd with a modern style.

The "Cast Iron" design features the light gray fibers suspended from walnut wood in an extremely jagged cut. The strands are dipped in layers of dark dyes which result in shades of indigo and charcoal throughout the piece. Copper metallic detail is meticulously integrated through the center of the tapestry, incorporating gaps to accentuate the deep cuts of the fibers. The “Cast Iron” tapestry is a sophisticated and contemporary addition to any wall.

No two pieces are alike. From the length of the strands and the way the fibers hang, to the saturation level for each layer of dye, replication is impossible. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade by Lauren Williams in Dallas, Texas.

Large: 72" across and hangs approximately 42" long

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