Medium Tapestry, “Modern Haze” Series 2, Signature Collection

Medium Tapestry, “Modern Haze” Series 2, Signature Collection


The Canvas With Movement® “Walnut+Wool” collection, by artist Lauren Williams, is a series of one-of-a-kind, dip dyed fiber art. Hundreds of signature wool strands are suspended from walnut wood in this modern and sophisticated wall hanging.

The "Modern Haze" Canvas With Movement® tapestry features a golden yellow layer of dye at the top which meets a brown color and quickly fades into a washed out layer of faded pink. Finally, a layer of deep blue takes over the bottom of this tapestry. An abstract piece, full of color and blended lines to make this a unique addition to the collection. With an unstructured cut of fibers hanging at the bottom, this tapestry is a calming and inspiring addition to any wall.

No two pieces are alike. From the length of the strands and the way the fibers hang, to the saturation level for each layer of dye, replication is impossible. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade by Lauren Williams in Dallas, Texas.

Medium: 72" across and hangs approximately 28" long

Throw blanket sold separately.

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