Circle Tapestry 42" diameter Dust Storm

Circle Tapestry 42" diameter Dust Storm


A new Canvas With Movement collection, by artist Lauren Williams, the Circle Tapestry is a limited edition series of "perfectly imperfect" round fiber art. 

This one of a kind, dip dyed circle tapestry features dip dyed tapestry features a blend of gold and light brown dyes to create a "dusted" look, hovering over an abstract mountanous landscape. From gray, to navy and dark charcoal, shades of dye are meticulously used to create the look of a mountain range. With a precise trim of fibers at the bottom to complete the circle form, this tapestry is a striking and inspiring addition to any wall. 

No two pieces are alike. From the length of the strands and the way the fibers hang, to the saturation level for each layer of dye, replication is impossible. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade by Lauren Williams in Dallas, Texas.

Circle Diameter: 42" across

Pillows and throw not included. Yellow-Gold velvet pillows and throw shown for color.

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