Cotton Knit Throw - DittoHouse Collaboration

Cotton Knit Throw - DittoHouse Collaboration

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Limited, one time collaboration!

In a collaboration between DittoHouse and Lauren Williams®, this limited edition recycled cotton knit throw blanket is inspired by Lauren’s one-of-a-kind Canvas With Movement® fiber art. The design is composed of parallel vertical stripes in black, gray and white with two horizontal stripes of a champagne colored yarn.

Molly Fitzpatrick, creative director of DittoHouse and artist, Lauren Williams saw this opportunity to blend their seemingly different styles into one. The result is a design that captures the richness of Lauren’s tapestries and achieves visual depth and interest as an expertly knit, American made DittoHouse throw blanket. 

The recycled cotton yarn used in this blanket utilizes pre- and post- consumer textile waste. The waste cotton materials are sorted by color and de-fiberized to be spun into new yarns. Since this ingenious process uses materials which have already been dyed, no new dying is needed to create these yarns!

DIMENSIONS- 50" x 60"

CONTENTS- 80%Recycled Cotton, 20% Polyester

Made in the USA

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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