Client Spotlight: Q&A with Carly Kuhn

Carly Kuhn aka The Cartorialist is an amazingly talented artist from Los Angeles who recently purchased the "Shades of Blue" Tapestry (size medium 72" across and hangs approximately 28" long). Carly and I met on Instagram a couple years ago and got together last summer while I was in LA for work. We hung out at her apartment and chatted all things art, Instagram business and life. When she redecorated her bedroom a few months ago, she called me about a tapestry and we both knew she needed the "Shades of Blue" piece hanging in her home. I hope to have one of her beautiful pieces hanging in my own home very soon! She is a gem and I truly enjoy her art and design aesthetic.   


Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an artist, born and raised New Yorker - and my past life I worked in television comedy! 

Where's home for you?
I live in an apartment in Larchmont, Los Angeles. The neighborhood is a little gem in Los Angeles that feels almost like a suburb on the east coast (which I love as I grew up in New York!)

How would you describe your style/aesthetic? 
My style is very airy, open, with lots of natural light and a neutral color palette. The space is a blend of Californian, with hints of mid-century modern and Scandinavian. 

What drew you to the "Shades of Blue" Tapestry?
I tend to have a lot of neutrals in my space- whites, beige, wood - but wanted to bring in color. The blues of the piece brought that color to my bedroom in an organic way. Also, blues are very calming to my eye and that felt very fitting for the bedroom!

How did you utilize it in your room?
The piece sits above my bed frame perfectly. The wooden base also matches the frame of my platform bed perfectly. Also, I live in California- and was always told not to have a framed picture above your bed in case of earthquakes! Lauren's piece allowed me to have something beautiful and functional - aka won't knock me out in my sleep if it falls in the middle of the night unexpectedly! :) 

Were you happy with how it turned out? 

Carly, thank you so much for sharing with us! I'm so happy that you have included my art in your beautiful home!  xx, L

Follow Carly on Instagram: @thecartorialist