Client Spotlight: Q&A with Audrey Scheck


Audrey is a native Texan living in Los Angeles with her husband Matt, their 2 year old son, Huxley, and their dog, Shadow. They're expecting a little girl in September, which everyone is really excited about! Audrey studied advertising at the University of Texas in Austin and worked in the ad industry for 10 years before leaving to spend more time at home earlier this year. She has always been passionate about home decor and has been selling vintage decor online for several years. Audrey is currently helping a few friends design their homes here in L.A., which she has found to be rewarding and fun!

I got the chance to chat with Audrey and wanted to feature her beautiful home for my Client Spotlight series.

Where do you live? Tell us about your city! 
I was born and raised in a very small farming town in south Texas before moving to Austin for college. Once I graduated, I was yearning for an even bigger city. I moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago, and I still really love it here. Looking back, I am so glad that I had the guts to pick up and move across the country on my own at age 23. I have developed a deep appreciation for everything that a big city has to offer, and although I loved growing-up in a small town, I am excited to raise my children in a sprawling city!

How would you describe your style & aesthetic?
My style is always changing which makes interiors so much fun for me! I love to discover a new artist or vendor that I can support by incorporating their work into my home. Three years ago, we purchased a Spanish style home that was built in 1925. Since then, my style has mostly been focused on honoring the heritage of the home. If I had to pick one style, my favorite would definitely be bohemian. I have incorporated bits of boho design into spaces throughout our house, and I am having a lot of fun doing the same with the nursery for our daughter!

How did you first discover Lauren’s art?
I discovered Lauren on Instagram, and I think I had an email out to her within the hour. I had been craving something different above our sofa in the living room, and I knew immediately that I wanted one of her tapestries to fill the space. 

How did you utilize them in your space?
The tapestry is the focal point of our living room. It hangs above our sofa and is the first thing you see when you walk into our home. I love that it's different and that it moves! It brings so much life to our space, and it is the most complimented piece in our home. 

What surprised you about your new art piece?
When I first commissioned Lauren to create the tapestry for us, we agreed on a 36" circle. We worked together o finalize the dye colors, and I was so excited to finally get it on our wall. As soon as I hung it, I sent Lauren a picture. She replied saying, "I love it... I just wish it was bigger!" I agreed, and she quickly sent me a 45" circle to replace it. The 45" tapestry is huge and fills the space in a way that makes the room feel even larger than it is. 

Any future home projects you have in mind?
I am currently finalizing a nursery for our daughter, which has been a really fun project for me. I grew-up with three brothers and thought for sure that our second child would be another boy. I knew exactly what I was going to do with his nursery, and I was thrown for a loop when the doctor called to tell us that it's a girl. For her nursery, I've stuck to one rule: I am only filling it with things that I love. There's no color pallet, no specific style... just things that bring me joy!

Make sure and follow Audrey and her adventures on her instagram @audreyscheck